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The Oracle Database Administrator training program is comprised of SQL fundamentals, database administration, PL/SQL, and performance design course modules; the standard duration is 16 days. A lesson plan based upon the standards of the New York State Department of Education will be provided as part of qualifying the subject matter, examples, exercises, and program duration.

  • The base program can be extended to include specialized course search engine subject matter and implement the Oracle database platform and address client project specifications: Big Data and cloud computing.

  • For experienced information technology professionals, the training program can be tailored to present the principles of a SOA: service oriented architecture for platform migration and repurposing applications from a IBM mainframe or hybrid computing environment to the Oracle database and development platform.

SYS-ED's training programs are taught using multiple delivery medium: distance-learning, classroom instruction, and blended learning. In order to accommodate employee workloads and staff in remote geographic locations, component courses can be scheduled over non consecutive weeks combining classroom instruction and distance-learning. At the client's discretion, a record of completed assignments, validation assessment, and final examination can be utilized.

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Oracle: SQL - Introduction 2 days
Oracle: Database Administration 3 days
Oracle: Database Administration - Advanced 4 days
Oracle: PL/SQL Programming 4 days
Oracle: Performance and Design 4 days

Base Program Duration

17 days

Module: Oracle: SQL - Introduction
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. SQL SELECT statements 2. Data: restricting/sorting 3. Single and multiple row functions
4. Multiple tables 5. Displaying data 6. Group functions
7. Subqueries 8. SQL Developer 9. Data manipulation
10. Table: creation and management    

Module: Oracle: Database Administration
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Database administrator tasks 2. Architecture 3. Processes and memory usage
4. Redo log buffer 5. Database creation 6. Control files and log files
7. SYSDBA and SYSOPER privileges 8. Disk storage 9. PCTFREE / PCTUSED
10. Partitioning 11. Backup and recovery 12. Tuning
13. Monitoring locks 14. Disk I/O and memory allocation  

Module: Oracle: Database Administration - Advanced
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Architectural components 2. Managing an Oracle instance 3. Database creation
4. Control file maintenance 5. Redo log files 6. Tablespaces and data files
7. Storage structures and relationships 8. Table 9. Indexes
10. Data integrity 11. Clusters and index-organized tables 12. Loading and reorganizing data
13. Managing privileges 14. Managing roles 15. Auditing
16. Globalization    

Module: Oracle: PL/SQL Programming
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Elements of SQL 2. Data definition statements 3. Data manipulation and control statements
4. Common SQL elements 5. SQL functions 6. SQL *Plus
7. PL/SQL 8. SQL statement tuning 9. GROUP BY clause
10. Subprograms 11. Functions 12. Packages
13. Triggers    

Module: Oracle: Performance and Design
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Tuning planning and components 2. Design principles 3. Database configuration
4. Statistics 5. Interpreting results from active session history reports 6. Tuning
7. Operating system resources 8. Advisors 9. Query optimizer
10. Transformations 11. EXPLAIN PLAN 12. Optimizer Access Paths
13. Index Access Paths 14. JOINS 15. Influencing the Optimizer

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